Operation Obelisk

Billed as a search and rescue mission, operation obelisk exposed much more than was ever intended. The MAS Noble, responding to a distress beacon, approached the planet Kierant and its angry red moon Deikos. Despite debris and micro-meteorites, their captain knows the archaeologists and civilians on the planet are counting on them but more important, their research, artifacts and corporate property could be lost if hostiles are present. He cannot allow that. Briefing the landing squad, he informs them that they have intermittent sensor readings from the other side of the star that conform with the expedition's short range craft. The Noble will continue on to investigate while the landing squad, under the command of the Raghi (SGT) Charum, carry out the mission. They will descend in the Valiant, one of the noble's armored shuttles. It is made clear that personnel are expendable, research and artifacts are not.

Tobar, the pilot of the Valiant, skillfully brings the ship into the atmosphere. Despite flying like a brick, the Valiant performs well until suddenly the ship is shaken by artillery fire.  Still, Tobar compensates and takes them down to Site one as planned. Unloading, they see a deserted base with smoke from fires still hanging think in the air. The dark green jungle claws at the archaeology digs as well as the prefab buildings. Everything here says that the marines are too late.

Still, they have a mission to do and they move on after a quick inspection of the shuttle. A two meter disk has been  blown out of the side but Tobar says he can fix it. The Dremin Shar will stay posted as guard for the small human pilot. The squad moves off to the Admin building suspecting that any survivors will be there. Shon Inin, the Psi Officer uses his powers of telepathy to seek out living minds. He detects some in the Admin building and some in the barracks. Movign up to Admin, the squad finds the building shutters locked and in place. Power is down to the doors but Thara Hkriss, scout for the squad, wired a bypass and sprung it open.

Inside Admin were three survivors. One claimed to be the Assistant Medic but his story did not check out against a DNA scan. He turned out to be a laborer ranked as a high security risk named Kiphos. When Shon Inin attempted a deep scan she found telepathy blocks in place showing he was a spy, most likely a corporate spy. The second turned out to be Biros Pen, a J'hat Itar Technician. He checked out but nonetheless they were all taken into custody and sent back tot he shuttle under guard. As they left the Admin building the shuttle came under attack from Thri T'kree Seekers, something like super mosquitoes. Tobar activated the anti-personnel lasers and fried the little bastards.

A quick survey of the labs revealed  a building curiously untouched and still with power. Inside they search it, finding an impressive array of artifacts from the digs. The 

Continuing around the site they inspected the maintenance shack and water treatment facility. As they moved through the buildings they were attacked by several strangely mutated creatures. They appeared to be members of the expedition but with a parasite in their chest.