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We are looking for a partnership and want to work with artists to produce the best possible working experience and art for this project.To that end, please feel free to email us or call us if it will facilitate these goals.

Game Setting Concept

Nebuleon is hard science fiction. The feel of the story (and art) should be similar to TV shows and movies like Aliens, Starship Troopers (movie and book), Space Above and Beyond (TV), Titan A.E., and much of the old masters of Sci-Fi novels like Niven, Asimov, and Heinlein.

In general, the setting will reflect the opposite of Space Opera (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) where even when the characters get dirty or hurt they are not very dirty or hurt. This will be a game where if you get hit you will bleed. Equipment gets destroyed, your friends die, you get maimed and your mommy cries.

The setting is a galactic level one with interstellar commerce and trade organizations. There are several expected types of aliens (cat-man, lizard-man, humans of questionable origin) as well as several of strange and bizarre appearance (gaseous jelly fish, symbiot infesting bipedal horse faced creatures, short swamp dwelling bat-like creature). There are also AI of many different forms generally not resembling sentient beings (they look more like boxes with treads). Technology is varied from race in form but very similar in function (one race uses bioelectronics, another fiber-optics, but both make sensor devices).


Points of Consideration

All artists will be considered based on the following criteria. To aid us in doing so we would ask that you pick from the concepts listed below and give us a very rough sketch.


Cost is not the final consideration but it is an important one. Our budget for the cover is $500 USD and the rest of the interior is $1000 USD. We expect to work with the cover artist and also award him/her some of the interior art.

Understanding of the Concept

This means, how well does an artist understand our explanation of the setting, its elements and how well can they produce the setting in terms of their art. For example, after reading the description of the Gren (cat-men) do they create a fierce looking carnivore or a cartoonish Thundercat like Lion-o?


The artist on the cover will need to work closely with us to develop a cover that will catch the eye of the consumer. This means a give and take as we move towards development. We need to have an artist which will give us feedback on the cover concept telling us when we do right and when we are missing an opportunity.

Project Vitae


The cover must be to us in digital form no later than July 15.


Full reproduction rights for cover art will be retained by HinterWelt Enterprises but the artist will retain the original and the rights to display the art in their portfolio. The artist will be fully credited in the core rules.




Rights Retained by HinterWelt


Negotiated, $500 budget

Full reproduction rights with the artist retaining original and rights to display the art in their portfolio

The artist will be paid upon delivery and acceptance of the cover in digital form.


It is our hope to employ one artist for the cover and some of the interior. Overall, we intend to hire 4-5 artists for the interior art.


For the Cover $500 USD; Interior Art $1000 USD.

Look and Feel

The style we are pursuing for Nebuleon is realism. I would like to see Geiger like light and shadow combined with strong detail and realism. This means a gritty violence combined with Marine hoorah.


These will help with the concepts detailed below.


A race evolved from lions. They walk on two legs and their hands have short stubby fingers and an opposable thumb. They are organized into prides and different prides have different markings. The predominant colors are brown, white and black. Fur covers their entire body. They have spotted mottling running along their backs onto their faces. They stand about 1.9 to 2.3 meters. Their muzzle is longer than a normal cat but with a very straight angle on their nose. They are very proud of their tails which are prehensile and can pick up small objects.


Dremin look like a cross between the classic DND lizard man and a horned lizard.They are huge massing 300 KG and approx 3 meters tall. They have thick scales and horned ridges all over their body. They take ritual scarring (like a tattoo for scales) very seriously. They have red or black eyes. They only have three fingers, two front and one opposable. They have a very stout tale and forward facing knees. They are very broadly built.


Humans look like humans. Their height and skin color vary according to the gravity and conditions they grew up in.


These are small ground bats that have developed on a swamp world. They have survived by going unnoticed. They are very sensitive to light and will always wear goggles. They stand about Ĺ meter tall and have ridiculously large bat ears. When they are not wearing their goggles they have large dark eyes. Their neck is short and their head is small. They are pacifists and generally will not fight. Their body is covered in a light brown fur.


These aliens evolved on a tropical high gravity planet. They are 1.2-1.4 meters tall and 80KG. The are very broad shouldered and stocky. They have three fingers and one opposable thumb. Their face is smooth with no nose or lips. They have what would appear to be dreadlocks for hair. Their ears are small and pointed. They have several shades of skin from black to dark blue to brown. Their eyes are slanted and set under a smooth brow. They look thoroughly frightening.


The Dras simply look like a jelly fish floating in a cloud of gas. The eddies and swirls of the gas are noticeable. They are highly uncommon and usually require a high level of technology to live off their home planets, which are gas giants.


These creatures are lizard like. They do not have a tail but do have a vestigial stump. They have blue green scales and their blood is purple. They stand somewhat bent over and are about 1.4 Ė 1.6 meters tall. Their knees are reversed in the fashion of an ostrich. They have two fingers and an opposable thumb. Their face has a somewhat beakish appearance. They have nose slits that run down the sides of the beak. Their eyes are set forward and resemble small hard blue gems. They cover themselves in religious writings before engaging in battle (and most of the other times too). The writing looks like a highly stylized Arabic. They have a crest which runs down their head to the tail stump. They are broadly built.


The Toaffi are descendents of desert runners with very long thin legs with reversed knees. Their arms are thin, ending in exceptionally fine and dexterous hands.They have a comparatively small round body and hollow bones.Their head is long with a long hardened beak and the males sport two upturned tusks. Their eyes are mounted on the side of their head allowing for excellent peripheral vision however making them nearsighted. They stand between 1.5 and 2 meters.The males are all brown fading to black at the feet while the females have alternate bands of black and one of the following colors,bright red, yellow, bright fucia or white.

Jíhat Itar

The Jíhat are symbiots and in their natural form appear as a 50 Ė 75 cm flat heavily veined worm.They have no apparent sensory organs.††† They have a ridge that runs the entire length of the Jíhatís body and the body itself is usually a deep red to purple.The host body, called the Itar, are broad shouldered with wide heads and mouths more accustomed to grazing than fighting, like a horseís.They have long expressive ears and wide set eyes giving them excellent hearing and peripheral vision. When the two are joined the JíHat forms along the Itarís spine where it hardens and sinks tendrils into the Itarís central nervous system.The Jíhat would be impossible to remove by force without killing the Itar.

Current Cover Concepts

The above cover was our initial cover layout. In some of the following concepts we would merge the art created with the art above. Layout is not final and elements could be moved to serve the art.

We would like to emphasize that suggestions are very welcome. If you feel you have a strength (characters, AI machines) that you might be able to capitalize on, please let us know.

Concept #1††††††† Title:††††††††† Ships††††††††††††††††† Size: Elements

This concept would be that of a battle cruiser fighting off pirates. The cruiser would be long with a fair amount of weapons and communications arrays (think of the Sulaco in Aliens). It must have a logo on it that looks like a straight sword going through a diamond. Some amount of designing this logo would be necessary since it is the symbol of the primary empire detailed in the core rules. Attacking this ship on an elliptical plane would be a much smaller circular/disk shaped saucer ship with over sized engines and a few weapons. Elements for the back cover would include damaged and destroyed saucer ships. Perspective is key here as the length of the cruiser should burst off the page at the reader.

Concept #2††††††† Title: Battle†††††††††††††††† Size: Inset, 7x9

On this cover a group of Haga (Lizard like bi-pods with reversed knees flat faces with nose slits) battle a mixed bag of Andromedaen marines (think Aliens Marines). The Marines would be wearing armor with oriental samurai-style helmets. They would have mirrored eye visors and be armed with beam weapons. Their armor is powered (having servo actuators to assist in the weight, not GWS-like) but form fitting. It will interlock and cover most of their body. The Haga will be wearing segmented armor that is covered in religious symbols. These symbols should vaguely resemble Arabic writing but highly stylized. They will be using heavy gauss weapons that look like oversized rifles (think wide and bulky, not long and thin).

The action of this piece will have the battle taking place in an exotic jungle (orange colored flora, two suns, be creative). The Haga have purple blood due to high cobalt levels in their blood and there should be wounded and dead on both sides. The Haga have strong leaping abilities which might be used in the battle. The Marines will have the Sword and Diamond described in Concept 1 on their armor. They should have a tight formation and predominating the formation should be a huge Dremin (Lizardman).

Concept #3††††††† Title: Dive††††††††††††††††††† Size: Full cover bleed

This would wrap to the back cover but have little detail on the back. This would show a dirty grungy ďHeavy MetalĒ bar. All manners of races as described above would be here and there would be dirty dealings going on. Someone threatening or outright mugging someone while the bartender tries to break it up. Meanwhile, a pick pocket goes to work on the crowd or a group of aliens play a holographic game of 3-D tic-tac-toe.