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07/01 Mining In Narheim Article

We have started up our series about the life and customs of the People of Narheim. We will be releasing these articles regularly to help both players and GMs understand the world of Gaea better. It is a quick read and could give you some ideas for characters or scenarios.

06/30 Another Man's Treasure to the Printer

AMT, the first supplement for Tales of Gaea, is off to the printers. It will go on same at the end of July so keep your eyes open. AMT is a guide to the Shadazar, the largest port on Gaea, and contains new classes, skills, friends and foes as well as location information.

05/31 Tales of Gaea Released

Tales of Gaea has been released and should be in stores now! If you do not have a game store near you (check our locator) then you can order it through RPGMall or directly from us!

05/22 New menu layout

Rearranged the menu layout to group things a little better and help with navigating the site.

What Is Tales?

Tales of Gaea is a journey via the role-playing experience.  Gaea is a world where magic has grown along side logic and the needs of the people who use it.  Magic serves the people of Gaea much the same way science serves the people of earth. In other words, Gaea is a world where the "laws of magic" have supplanted the "laws of science".  For instance, all magic on Gaea conserves energy or channels power from another source while the mage/cleric/mystic gives it form.  Here is a world where many cultures are represented from the familiar to the bizarre. These many cultures live in close proximity and this often leads to clashes in war and trade while allowing many blendings of the different ideologies.  This creates a world where elves, dwarves, humans, solaan-lesthra, kolba, orcs, gnomes and many other races compete for material and space.  Often the conflicts will spill over from one race to another and sometimes it is internal.

The various religions play a big part as well as political organizations.  The faith of Auto hunts elves for the slaying of their messiah.  It is holy doctrine to kill all elves and the Banquerian Empire is caught as a tool of the Autoean Heffa or high priest. A separate sect, the Orthodox Church of Turin, preaches tolerance and forgiveness.  They seek the enlightenment of men and the peaceful cohabitation of all races.  This philosophy of universal peace and understanding often puts the Orthodox Church in harms way of the crusaders of the Holy Banquerian Church.  This is but one of hundreds of faiths on Gaea. 

Skill Based System meets Level Based System

Tales is a combination of a skill-based system and a level based system with emphasis on the flexibility of creating even the most bizarre of individuals. Since characters choose a starting profession and receive certain skills due to this class and they have up to 20 general skills, customization of a character becomes not only possible but desirable. Ever want to play a thief who carried a battle-axe and played the harp.... how about a mage that wore plate mail and carried a 2-handed sword? With Tales, if you want to use a weapon the only thing limiting you is the role you wish your character to play.