Nebuleon is a science fiction role playing game using the Iridium System which combines simplicity and realism with smooth game flow.  The setting for Nebuleon is a vast galaxy waiting to be explored.  Epic civilizations have risen and fallen before the current government came into being.  The RFW (Republic of Free Words) was formed out of a necessity to halt petty wars, encourage trade and establish regular diplomatic ties.  Not every one joined and of those who did not all of them wanted it.  The Andromedaen Council of Guilds, the Grou-Lynn Empire, and the Kolkesh Empire formed this organization to strengthen the galaxy from the threat of the Jiran Theocracy.  

Organizations like the Free Traders Guild and the League of Free Gas Miners welcomed such a governing body but chafed when taxes came due.  Other organizations, the Bio-Plastics Concern and the Waste Management Industries (WMI) revolted at the new restrictions placed on their business. Trade is vital to the RFW and it cannot survive long if it cannot keep shipping lanes open, protect traders, and maintain peace.